Coffee, Crystals & Tarot

Here’s a card pull for the Collective energy right now. What lights you up? Puts a fire deep in the belly of your soul ? The Strength card is telling us to tap into your animal self and have courage to pursue your passion. The infinity symbol reminds us that we are limitless with our creative potential. This is further amplified with the Knight of Wands card. It encourages us to take risks with our passion and what sets our soul on fire. The wands suit is all about fire. There are amazing opportunities if you have the courage to look within!

The crystal is a fire quartz heart which is vibrating with creative energy. This is one of my absolute favourite crystals (I’m all about fiery energy!!)

This crystal helps to transmute negative, dense energy into positive energy. When we create this is the alchemical process. Have you ever noticed when you are focused on a creative task from music to drawing to gardening or cooking you’re so into it you forget about the stresses of the world ? This is the transmutation of that stress. It’s a beautiful fiery process! This crystal has given me much inspiration and has been sitting with my deck so it’s no wonder the cards and crystals align with their message!

Happy Fiery Friday! May this weekend ignite the passions that stir in your soul.