Fundamentals of Drawing Course

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Join Karolynn for a 4 week online course to learn or enhance your drawing skills!

Even if you think you “can’t draw a stickman” but have that curiosity to learn, then this course is for you! Karolynn will guide you on how to draw what you see using tips and tricks to break it down for you.

You will learn some basic skills, (like contour drawing, shading etc.) to put into your drawing toolkit. You don’t have to consider yourself an artist to take this course. Everyone is able to draw, it’s just a matter of building your skills and practice. So come and join Karolynn and draw! She has over 16 years of art teaching experience and can guide anyone from novice to intermediate levels.

There are some supplies involved that need to be purchased in addition to the course.

The Drawing Kit: 

2- Shading Pencils; 2B & 6B

1 Kneadable Eraser

1 White Eraser

Pencil Sharpener

Small Sketchbook/pad