Full Flower Moon in Scorpio Energy Reading


The energy leading up to this full moon has been thick and dense. Collectively we are processing a lot of negative energy. What this means for us on a personal level is that our shadow parts, our fears are rearing their ugly heads for us to face. Although this may be challenging and at times painful, the flip side to doing this is a beautiful transmutation and release of negative energy.

The full moon is always a time for releasing things that no longer serve us on our path. This could be anything from thought patterns, habits, to relationships that could be toxic. This full moon, in the sign of Scorpio, is intensely amplifying this energy by shining a light on all of these shadowy parts of our selves. Scorpio is a water sign and therefore very much connected to the realm of emotions and feelings.

 You may have recently felt the need to cry, laugh, vent, or scream more so than usual. Allow yourself to feel all the emotions that surface. Emotion literally means energy in motion. Therefore when you allow yourself to feel all the feels you are in turn processing energy, moving it, transmuting it so it no longer stays stagnant.

Crystal energy can help with this process in a beautiful way. A beautiful pairing of crystals to work with in this energy are Obsidian and Selenite. Obsidian is a powerful, sometimes overwhelming crystal that helps you dust out the shadows of what may be holding you back. Selenite balances out the intensity of Obsidian with it's beautifully peaceful and serene energy offering a supportive connection to the divine.

 Energy work is real and can be taxing mentally, emotionally, and physically. Seek out friends who can listen to you vent, or just lend an ear while you cry. You may find you need more rest or sleep, more food, lots of water. Whatever you feel you need, you can trust this. When you trust in this and listen to your body and your heart, you hold yourself in deep, nourishing care. This opens up more space for all the amazing blossoms of passion, creativity, revitalized energy, clarity, and peace.


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