Karolynn Vaisanen is an Energy Artist, Art Teacher, Intuitive Psychic Medium, Energy, Aura, & Oracle Card Reader, certified Crystal Master & Healer, and certified Tarot Master.  


The Artist

Karolynn has displayed and sold her artwork worldwide including Canada, the U.S, and France. Her other home is in Paris, France where she connects, on a soul level, with the artistic energy and history of the city. Each time she visits, she wanders the streets, sketchbook in hand inspired by the ‘joie de vivre’ of the magical city of love. She has always felt the electric and romantic energy of this city and this translates into her work. Some of her pieces have found their homes there in different private collections, including a large mural she painted for a local band.

Karolynn has over 25 years of artistic practice and experience. From a young age, her artwork has been informed by the divine. She would create art and try to “sell”  it from her front porch, yelling out to the universe of a dead end street, “Pictures for sale”. Her passion for creating was evident in these first sparks of creativity and ambition. This eventually led her to complete an intensive, specialized program in the Visual Arts for secondary school and continued her post-secondary studies at York University gaining her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. She further went on to add to her education by completing her Bachelor of Education at Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto. She has been concurrently creating art and teaching it within the public school system ever since. Her art is characterized by vibrant, bold colours that are an expression of her intuitive insight and energy. Karolynn’s artwork is an oracle in and of itself with many connecting with it on a subconscious level. It’s healing, moving and expresses the energy she so vividly feels in and around her. She has done numerous intuitive energy readings through her art combining her clairvoyant gifts with her art to create dynamic personalized visual pieces for clients. Her Third Eye Portraits are one example of the unique readings that she has created and developed as a reading modality. 


The Mystic

Karolynn’s interest in her spiritual path and understanding of her gifts really started to unfold in her mid 20’s. She started noticing synchronicities surrounding her and felt an affinity to the angelic realm. From there she had bought her first oracle deck and crystals not quite sure as to the reason at that time but nonetheless, she followed her bliss. This led her to massive expansion in her gifts, (and oracle decks and crystals), through taking various courses and mentorship programs to the reader and healer she is today. Karolynn has always connected to people, understanding them energetically (whether aware or not at the time), and how to help. This is what has led her to offer healing work with the souls who come across her path. She is passionate about reading energy and guiding people to connect back with themselves and with their own energy for healing. Her readings are holistic and healing.  Her love of crystals and using crystals to heal plays a huge role in this process. Crystals speak to her on an energetic level and she has used them in her art, spells, rituals, grids for a multitude of purposes. She continually expands her Crystal understanding and repertoire and knows that they offer beautiful healing properties for those who connect with them.

The Teacher

 Karolynn has the ability to help you tap into your own creativity. She has taught art formally for over 16 years within the public school system. She teaches all ages and abilities from beginner to more advanced artists.  She has taught outside of the classroom in numerous environments from private lessons to large group settings like paint nights, intuitive art classes, and arts camps including her own entrepreneurial endeavour. Karolynn has a wealth of experience and expertise to offer to her students and she helps them to tap into their creative centres and hidden potential.