Full Moon in Aries Energy Reading: October 1, 2020.


This full moon ushers in the month of October. This dark, shadowy season we are entering is all about diving into the shadows to access deep, ancestral wisdom as the veil is thinning to the spirit world with approaching Samhain, all Hallow's Eve, or Halloween. This is the first full moon of the month with the second actually falling on Samhain, which makes the second one a Blue Moon. It's rare that two full moons happen in a calendar month, hence the expression 'once in a blue moon'!

This current full moon energy is shaking things up and this is no surprise as it is in the sign of Aries. A fiery sign of the zodiac that is adventurous and courageous. Aries energy is full of confidence, yet you may be feeling the opposite as the full moon illuminates aspects of our shadows that need to surface to be released. The energy leading up to this full moon has been thick and may have had you feeling emotional as the moon transited the watery sign of Pisces before moving into Aries. With this full moon energy, allowing those emotions to surface to be released into this fiery energy will help give you the confidence boost to tap into your creativity and re-visit big, bold dreams that may have been lingering in the background for some time.

There are several ways you can optimize this cosmic energy. Step into your confident, unique self as you trailblaze a path that is innovative, creative, and distinctly yours. This may simply be a new perspective on life that may not be aligned with many collective perspectives. Trust your intuition as you lean into what feels good for you. Independent thought and learning to trust your intuition leads to building that muscle of confidence which is your divine, human right. New inventions, ways of doing things, artworks, pieces of music etc., are birthed from this sacred and magical place of independence and your own divine wisdom. Using the crystal kingdom of energy is a magical and beautiful way of supporting and amplifying your healing work.

Crystals to optimize and amplify this cosmic energy:

Citrine: Brings you back to your self, your Solar Plexus, your seat of confidence, self-esteem and how you show up in the world.

Carnelian: Fiery Sacral chakra energy, the seat of your joy, passion, sensuality, and creativity.

Garnet: Grounding energy that ushers in your hearts desires and grounds it into your physical reality, connects to the Root & Earth Star chakra

This set of crystals aligns beautifully with this cosmic energy. Carrying them in a pouch, in a pocket, or placing them on an altar are just a few ways to tap into their powerful and mystical healing properties.

Happy Full Moon everyone. May you be blessed with love, creativity, and passion set on fire.



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