Full Moon In Leo Energy Reading January 28, 2021

Full Moon in Leo Energy Reading

By Karolynn Vaisanen

Here we are at the first full moon of 2021 and it’s in the fiery sign of Leo. The energy of this full moon has all the elements of fun-loving Leo; creative, passionate, fiery but it also has a chaotic feel to it as well. There are some major astrological influences happening in the cosmos, as they have been since we entered the Age of Aquarius. There is a shifting happening that is making way for more expansiveness, growth, and change.  A full moon is always a time to release energy, thoughts, patterns that no longer are serving us on our path. This one is no different. In fact this energy of release is amplified with this full moon. We are being called to once and for all release old, outdated patterns and narratives that no longer fit with our way of being and existing.

Change is never easy as it is always a transition of growth from one place to the next. Even though we may know what’s better for us, old habits die hard. We need to have courage, which happens to be a strong Leo trait, to look at what may need change and be completely honest with ourselves about all aspects surrounding the things that would serve us to let go of, whether it be a relationship, job, old self-limiting beliefs and thoughts etc.

This is a delicate process as it creates a space of vulnerability that is between you and you only. There is no need nor should there be judgment in this process. This is simply holding yourself in deep care, pulling all of your energy back to you and trusting your emotions. Your emotions will help be a guiding light to the areas that are lurking in the shadows that want to be released once and for all. 

This energy is going to support you to take a look at what pops up for you individually. Leo is all about the heart chakra so this energy is a beautiful and supportive one to face some not so pleasant things. Remember you’re still a rock star through and through and that growth and change are a natural process of our human experience and are not an indication of WHO you are, because who you are, your essence, is whole and perfect, always.

Trust your intuition to bring great clarity to nagging things that have lingered under the surface of your conscious mind. We can become so accustomed to one way of being that we never thought, what if there is a different way? We always have choices, perhaps not in life circumstances but in the lens in which we view the aspects about ourselves and our lives. The beautiful energy of crystals can further support you coming back to your true essence.

Obsidian is a powerful cleanser for any stagnant energy and emotions that are being held inside. Working with it will help bring the aspects needed for release to the surface. Pairing it with Selenite will help make this a little gentler, as Obsidian doesn’t mess around! It’s not just a surface cleanser, it goes deep and gets into the corners! Selenite has a beautiful, gentle energy that will help balance out the rawness of Obsidian. 

Another powerful and sometimes understated crystal to align with in this energy is Howlite. Howlite works both with the crown and sacral chakras. It is an excellent crystal for calming of the mind to help ease fears that may pop up. It helps offer clarity and ease of thought. Howlite, in turn, is an amazing support for your creativity, helping your divinely inspired ideas come into form. The last crystal I’d like to share for working in this energy is Fire Quartz or Hematoid Quartz. This crystal is made up of Clear Quartz with Hematite inclusions. This crystal is a powerhouse for accessing divine energy and grounding it into our physical body to be expressed creatively and passionately. The Clear Quartz element helps to access the divinely inspired ideas and the Hematite grounds it into our sacral and root chakra to bring our visions colour and life!

May this full moon bring much nourishment to your mind, body and soul. Sending you many moon blessings!



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