Full Pink Moon in Libra: Energy Reading

Full Pink Moon In Libra: Energy Reading
In the past few days, I've been feeling into the energy this full moon is bringing. As I would stand beneath her, I kept hearing the word harmony. This completely aligns with the full moon being in the sign of Libra which is all about justice, partnerships, harmony. We are in unprecedented times and it may be ironic to think about our partnerships or connection with others when we must physically distance from them. This is where I feel there is a big shift going to happen and this moon's energy is going to help. Focusing on harmonious energies versus discord will help to harness this full moon's energy. Reaching out through social media, calling, texting, the people you love. We've already seen a surge of waves of love uplifting and supporting our front line health care workers to numerous posts about all of our essential service workers.
It's moving, it's connection, it's humanity starting to perform at it's best.
With the moon in Libra, partnerships are brought to the forefront of our awareness. Even if we can't see or socialize in the way we are used to or would like to, our human spirit is what is going to be the driving factor in this energy. Sending prayers, positive affirmations, love to the whole world is so super important and something that you can do while binge watching Netflix or gazing at the moon. There is no right or wrong way to do this. All that there is needed is intention. What do you feel intuitively guided to do ? Trust this. It speaks the truth of your spirit, your soul. Your intuition is amplified in a full moon's energy. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Tapping into the intuitive side is going to balance the justice scales in Libra and drive more feminine energy into the world as we nurture and hold each other in deep energetic care.
Sending you waves of love!

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