Magic in the Mundane

What do you think of when you hear the word magic ? Perhaps a magician from a childhood birthday or unicorns, fairies, or dragons? Perhaps the Harry Potter universe comes to mind?

Yes. All of these are absolutely magical, whimsical, and mystical things! Of course there is so much magic there, yet she exists in the simple things too. The ones that are tangible and you can feel and touch right now as you sit and read this?  Like your morning cup of coffee or when the winds start to feel warmer after a long, cold, winter. Magic is making her presence known.  She isn’t outside of ourselves. She’s in the everyday. The moment to moment aspects of life. The funny thing your toddler just said. The phone call that lifted your spirits from a loved one.  Magic swirls around you. 

Sometimes we spend so much time searching for magic that we can miss her as we search above, below and around her, all the while she is staring you in the face. She’s wondrous and ever present. Magic isn’t for the elite or only for the witches and wizards. Magic loves to surround you in the mundane moments in life. She’ll come spinning in with a twirl from your child’s dance. Or beam through the window as a warm ray of sunlight. Or rumble through as a thunderstorm in all her awe and electric glory. Or the moon lighting up the night sky.

Sometimes we get so caught up seeking her that we miss that she’s right here in the present. Calling you to notice her. To be swept up in her wonder and awe. She can exist in great magnitude too like the tides of the ocean or the rumble of an earthquake. Or we feel like we need to seek her to capture her when she’s been there all along. Magic invited me in to see her softer side. Her everyday. She’s inviting you too. Let her pour you a cup of tea and show you the small ways she exists in the mundane. 

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