Strawberry Full Moon in Sagittarius: Energy Reading

There's nothing like biting into a fresh, juicy, ripe strawberry. The strawberry's growth doesn't happen overnight, however. The conditions have to be right, from the depth of the soil to the sprouting of the plant and flower. It requires darkness, warmth, love, water, sun, and nurturing. This is similar to our growth as humans. This full moon is amplifying a ripeness, a readiness for a shift to transform both individually and collectively.
The Sagittarius influence is helping us tap into the playful and fiery aspect of this growth, the burning away of old perspectives, understandings, conditioned patterns that are no longer serving us or the collective.  This is what brings us to the point where we can take the bite into the juiciness of the new, a new all-inclusive normal.  A new normal of genuine connections from human to human. You see, we cannot grow if the light is not shone on the dark, shadowy aspects. The parts we don't want to dive into because it's uncomfortable or scary. But it's ok, in fact necessary, to get comfortable being uncomfortable.
This full moon is illuminating these dark parts, bringing them to the light for healing and transformation. This is how we can arrive at the ripeness of abundance of universal love and prosperity. Crystal healing can amplify this energy. Working with a combo of pyrite and citrine not only draws in the abundance for whatever your personal or collective intention is, it amplifies our self-worth for receiving such abundance. It amplifies the fact that we matter and we deserve this abundance simply because we exist.
Growth has growing pains. From leaving relationships behind that no longer serve our highest good to blazing away perspectives that can leave us feeling empty, lost or vulnerable. This loss is only perceived as a loss because it may be all we have ever known. When in fact it's an opportunity for true transformation and a new narrative; a fresh, positive, wholesome, ripe one that can take it's place. This  not only serves us individually but the collective as a whole. When we take responsibility for our own dark parts, our shadows, preconceived conditioning, we start the heal the whole. When we can sit in darkness with others while they face their own shadows, we start to heal the whole. Perhaps recognizing that the dark parts exist is where you are at on your journey. Perhaps you're holding space and listening to others face their shadows. Start where you are. Where you are at is where you are meant to be, but not where you're meant to stay. Allow this full moon energy to take you to the depths of darkness that will move you forward, trailblazing a path that has humanity at it's core and love as the guiding light. The transformation is ripe for the picking.

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  • Awesome reading. Thank you sister..

    Paula headley-brown

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